- Thursday, August 28th
When faced with two choices, simply toss a coin. It works not only because it settles the question for you, but because in that brief moment when the coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you are hoping for.

—Unknown (via tellmefive)
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- Thursday, August 28th


It’s all a matter of perspective

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- Thursday, August 28th


i hit my coworkers shoulder lightly and he was like “you’re going to make me cry like a girl” and i was like “what’s wrong with being a girl?” and he was quiet for a moment then he looked into the distance and whispered “the social standards they’re forced to live by”

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- Wednesday, August 27th



People making porn about those animatrons from Five nights at Freddy’s, more like


I mean, isn’t that how they kill you anyway?

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- Wednesday, August 27th

I’ve been tagged by thesezipperblues to post five facts about myself, and tag ten more to do the same otherwise a mystical garden gnome will come and curse you with seven years of bad luck

1) I’m a private person and don’t like to post facts about myself

2) I used to be a huge warhammer/ games workshop fan/player. My favourite was gorkamorka because you didn’t have to buy all the official models you put and random collection of junk together and call it an ork trukk

3) One period in school I used to spend my time on breaks walking around pretending I was a planet orbiting the building.

4) I once collected pogs which might show my age and willingness to follow trends

5) I lied about the garden gnome

Tagging: desaverrissahslianblogneonprodigysecretagentsplatbombcollarmostlytumbler, and all the pornbots. If you’re not here you’ve probably been tagged by someone else.

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- Wednesday, August 27th


If Andrew Hussie wrote the Harry Potter series Harry would’ve used the fucking liquid luck and time turner to kill Voldemort.

Except it’s not actually Voldemort, it’s a construct meant to resemble voldemort which Tom Riddle won after creating a timeloop in which he provided the magic for his own mother’s love potion and created a super powerful snake which he later turned into his beloved pet. And also Wizards have 9 kinds of romance and half of the cast are now centaurs.

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- Wednesday, August 27th




Then I saw “a new heaven and a new earth,” for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.

This is a crime against humanity.

OK they’re ugly as sin, but you’ve got to admit, the idea of boots with pockets is kind of freaking awesome.

Boots with pockets is a neat idea but not like this. Not like this.

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- Wednesday, August 27th




I’m actually concerned for boys who complain about how different girls look without makeup. Like did you think eyeshadow permanently alters a girls eyelid? Are you frightened when people change clothes

Babies have no concept of object permanence

That’s one of the sickest burns I’ve ever read. 

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- Wednesday, August 27th





When you see it…

it took three passes of this across my dash until I got it and want to throw my macbook out the fucking window

Are you fucking kidding me

the game’s up, ladies and gentlemen.

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- Tuesday, August 26th


Watch it in video

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- Tuesday, August 26th


ah yes that large muscular man is very attractive but how would he look in lacy lingerie

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Adult women are now the largest demographic in gaming


Congratulations, gamer girls—you’re officially at the top of the food chain when it comes to games. A new study released by the Entertainment Software Association has revealed that adult women now occupy the largest demographic in the gaming industry. Women over 18 made up a whopping 36 percent of the gaming population, followed by adult men at 35 percent. 

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Five Nights at Freddy's Livestream


I’m going to stream a playthrough of Five Nights at Freddy’s. 7 EST on Saturday 30th August. I might even survive all five nights! If there’s enough interested that can’t make it I could change the time.

- Monday, August 25th

Update: I’m going to wake up very early/late at night to stream at 10 EST on Friday 29th August. I don’t know if I can handle this

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Five Nights at Freddy's Livestream

I’m going to stream a playthrough of Five Nights at Freddy’s. 10 EST on Friday 29th August. Guess what, this makes it 3am in the morning for me! What a time to play.